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LR-Pro Ⅱ

Product type: LR-Pro Ⅱ

Brightness: 800-1300nits

Pixel pitch:  3.9mm/4.8mm/5.9mm

Cabinet material: Die Cast Aluminum


1.Newly designed anti-collision protection improves LED soldering strength;

2.New designed die-casting aluminum back cover for better waterproof and heat disspation;

3.Upgraded fastlocks permit faster and more reliable installations;

4.Ergonomical-designed handle for easy operation;

5.Modules equippped with safe buckle backup design;

6.New type hanging bar both for hanging & ground beam;

Parameters Value
Pixel pitch(mm) 3.9 4.8 5.9
Pixel configuration SMD 1921 SMD 1921 SMD 1921
Module size(mm) 250*250 250*250 250*250
Pixel Density(Pixels/㎡) 65,536 43,264 28,224
5000-6000 4500-5500 4500-5500
Viewing angle(H/V) H:110 V:100 H:110 V:100 H:110 V:100
Cabinet size(W*H*D mm) 500*500*74 500*500*74 500*500*74
Cabinet Material die-cast aluminum die-cast aluminum die-cast aluminum
Cabinet weight(kg) ≈8.5kg ≈8.5kg ≈8.5kg
Refresh Rate(Hz) ≥3840(high level IC) ≥3840(high level IC) ≥3840(high level IC)
Input voltage(Nominal)(V) AC110-240 AC110-240 AC110-240
Input Power Frequency(Hz) 50/60(Hz) 50/60(Hz) 50/60(Hz)
Max Input Power(W/㎡) ≈720 ≈720 ≈720
Average Input Power(W/㎡) ≈360 ≈360 ≈360
Lifespan(H) ≥50,000 ≥50,000 ≥50,000

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