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2018 ShangHai Prolight+sound by #Lightlink Display show for profession!

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    Since 2017, after the launch of the high-level rental and super-universal products from #Lightlink on the exhibition of Prolight+sound, now #Lightlink will be presented on the stage of the 2018 Shanghai Prolight+sound once again, with the latest technology, products and services. Our information is as follows:

Time: 10-13,October,2018

Address: Shanghai New International Expo Centre Hall (SNIEC)

(2345 Longyang Road, Pudong, Shanghai, China)

Exhibition No.: N4C01

This time, #Lightlink will bring four super products( LR-Plus, CFC, LR-SM, LX-CR)on the exhibition of 2018 ShangHai Prolight+sound, which also are the current hot & newest products. 

1. LR-Plus series, with multiple functions both for indoor/outdoor LED wall & HD LED floor which can be flexibly used as your event needs to save design cost and add creativity. Others, IP65 front&rear can be used in rugged conditions.

2. CFC series has the advantages of ultra-light, ultra slim cabinet and fast installation with wheel lock, which is a wonderful ideal for big stage event.

3. LR-SM series, Smart module with memory storage and data calibration memory function, which could make the module save the calibration data in a timely manner and be used directly after replace.Wireless modular components design is to achieve the plug-in connection and makes the working state of the cabinet more stable.The design of bulge at the bottom is to prevent direct contact with the module and the ground, reducing the chance of module damage.

4. LX-CR series, transparent acrylic covers with high permeability, light transmission & air permeability which transparency up to 86%, easy to build three-dimensional space to make your stage stand out.Meet a various of creative display needs and created a new modes of outdoor media communication.

    Along with new breakthroughs of products, many large-scale event programs are crowned with complete success, such as the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta , the MAYDAY Concert in Singapore, Chinese and African Entrepreneurs, etc. By then, Lightlink will set up more large-screen display solution to show the product's excellent performance with the first-rate audio-visual display effect! 


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