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#Glory AC --- More changeable design for straight/curved/90° installation

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As a rental product for more creative and changeable design, #Lightlink NEW product #Glory-AC is a go-to product for more possibilities.


1. One type enough to come true straight/curved/90°cube design

To realize changeable design shape, #Lightlink Glory AC cabinet is special designed with 45°bevel edge which applied high precision & strength material - Magnesium alloy. With only one type led display and equipped with different fast locks, you can easily create your stage/event as you wish to straight/curved/90°cube. Inherited the great features of #Lightlink rental led display, #Glory-AC series is more compatible with several series on control box and can splice with other #Glory series cabinets such #Glory-EA&EB, #Glory -TA&TB.


2. Unique #anti-collision technology

    LED dropping is always a problem in led display industry. And how to solve it thoroughly becomes our top affairs. Through 10 years temper and research, #Lightlink developed an efficient technology for anti-collision which can bear the impact force max 8kgs, and easy to reweld the LEDs on PCB board times by times without any influences if LEDs dropped. And this newest invent is used on all #Lightlink #rentalled displays now.


3. Combination of #Lightlink all rental products

    #Lightlink is a mature supplier for rental products and always insist improving/upgrading its products on the original basis. Modularity,tool-free front/rear maintenance, fast lock, universality, compatibility and creative design for curved/90° installation.


Besides, #Lightlink products share the compatible accessories such as stacking structure/hanging beams.


Now this product will be showed on our upcoming shows: Integrated Systems Russia #ISR, Prolight + sound Shanghai and 2019 #LDI SHOW in Las Vegas. Welcome visit on site.


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