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#Lightlink will present LED wall with extraordinary visual experience at MEDIATECH Africa

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Ticketpro Dome, Johannesburg, South Africa(17-19.07.2019) Booth: E20-#Lightlink, an advanced LED supplier over the world, will be the highlight of LED display technology at MEDIATECH Africa. 

Mediatech Africa, the continent’s largest media and entertainment technology trade exhibition, will provide an opportunity to view, experience and engage with the very latest in technology. The biennial trade exhibition will take place from 17 - 19 July 2019 at the ticketpro dome, Johannesburg, South Africa. 10 am - 6 pm daily. 

The expo showcases new technologies and services from industry leaders in AV system integration and communications; live entertainment technology; television and broadcast; animation and film; studio and production, DJ and pro-audio equipment.

Exhibits previewing

From in-depth experience with LED screens used in any famous exhibition, Lightlink display will present a LED panel range based on the versatile products with excellent visual quality and are easy to install & maintain. Lightlink products stand out by their outstanding performance, super compatible, multi-functional performance and super modular design characteristics.

Glory series (E & T)- fully modular design/concise but not simple

The brand new Glory series, from Lightlink, provides today’s rental & staging market with a compatible design that is more practical than traditional panels, and fast locks that allow end-users to lift and install in one easy movement. Each panel can be operated conveniently, making it possible to keep each screen operational with an ease of service designed for any application.

Designated with ultra light & mutual module and easily & conveniently tool-free parts allows for ease of assembly and dismantle, it is suitable for various hanging and stacking installation. Wireless modular design & Universal module and large module size(250*500), is compatible with several series. With current sharing power supply technology, double power backup, and integrated power box, Glory series also has magnesium alloy panels and carbon fiber tube, which can be compatible with several series. Applied for 90°cube design and curved installation via arc locks(0°±5°±10°).

In addition, Lightlink technicians on site will continue to introduce you to more outstanding LED solutions. Sample cabinets including Glory E series outdoor P4.8/2.6/2.9/3.9 Glory T series P4.8

LR-ProⅡ series for the ultimate in immersive, life-like experience

For major LED screen in the exhibition, Lightlink will be showcasing the recently launched LR-ProⅡ series, hot sales products, and is available in a wide range of visual experience. New designed die-casting aluminum back cover for better waterproof and heat dissipation. Crystal clear picture which offers higher grayscale at a lower brightness level, every panel can be installed on a standard ratio mount and allows every attendee for the extraordinary visual experience.
MEDIATECH Africa. Booth: E20 We are looking forward to seeing you!

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