—— Project Characteristic ——

According to function and use application, sports LED display can be divided into score LED screen, perimeter LED screen, advertising LED display and etc. Sports LED display has been widely used in various playing fields indoor or outdoor. It is required of high brilliance and security, wide viewing angle, long lifespan, convenient installation, as well as the windproof and waterproof function. What’s more, it is also required to broadcast segmental advertisement freely and real-time live video playback.

—— Product features ——

A new soft mask design, soft pillow design.
The angle (75 ° - 90 °) free adjustment.
The high-temperature spraying technology.
High performance waterproof, dust-proof, anti rust function.
IP65 protection level, high quality and high refresh.
All-weather display suitable for outdoor bad environment.
The use of indoor football field application.

—— Product pictures ——

—— Installation method ——

—— Parts ——

—— System topology ——


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