Vision of Lightlink  

Let the world spill more brilliance!

Company Culture

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Vision of Lightlink

Let the world spill more brilliance!

Missions of Lightlink

Be focus on what customers concern, be ready for all the challenge and pressure comes from world compitition, be prepared for providing competitive LED display solutions and services, and be efficient to help customers creating greatest value.

Core values of Lightlink

This company core value is deep rooted in everyone of us in this company, which drives Lightlink keep stepping forward, and it’s more like a common commitment of chasing the future for all of us!

Hard working

In this source-lacking world, we don't have much to count on but only by hard working can win us the respects and trusts of customers.

It is embraced in every tiny details of serving our customers, and in the efforts of enhancing ourself during working progress.

We stick to the principle of honoring fighters and one who pays lot will be pay more back.

Self judging

Self judging means no self-denying but find weakness and mistakes for better improving.

Only those who insist on this point can be modest for listen to others, be wise for abandoning the bad and keep improving; can be polite to repect others and work with others, and finally make every body win.

Openning and enterprising

To make better services, we be positive on enterprising and developing, insisting on opening and innovation.

No matter how advance the technology is,how excellent the products are, how pretty the solutions are, how effective the business management is, it will turns into values only when we made it to commercial success.

We insist on guiding by the customer needs, and keep innovation around it.

Keep sincerity and honesty

We can keep our words and suit our action to our words only with a sincere and honest heart. Honesty is our most important intangible assets, and we win our customers by sticking to it. 


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