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Product type: HD1.5

Pixel pitch: 1.5mm

Brightness: 100nits-800nits

Cabinet material: Die cast Aluminum

A Variety of Installation Methods

P1.5 fine pixell pitch LED high-definition screen, with a variety of installation, can support the arc installation, floor installation, different forms of installation, embedded installation, stadiums and so on.

Parameters Value
Product type HD1.5
Pixel pitch(mm) 1.5
Pixel configuration SMD1010
Module size(mm) 200×150
Cabinet size(W*H*D mm) 400×300×57
Pixel Density(Pixels/㎡) 409,600
Brightness(cd/㎡) 100≤&≤800
Cabinet Material Diecast Aluminum
Cabinet weight(kg) ≈3.7kg
Input Power Frequency(Hz) 50/60
Input voltage(Nominal)(V) 220V(110/110-220)

Rich Patterns

- Supports Window Stretch Mode 

- Can be  ratio stretching the window,can be enlarged and can also be reduced.

- Multi-screen Display and Full Screen Display Mode

- Different input windows occupy part of the output window for display, you can also display the whole screen.

- PIP Display Mode

- Several windows can be superimposed.

- Support multi-channel complex signal seamless switching

- Support a variety of complex signal interface: VWA, DVI, HAML, DP, S-Viden, SDI and so on.

Superior Performance

Strong Stability

The use of high-quality components and sophisticated processing technology, effectively guarantee the death rate.

Power supply signal can be double backup to ensure long-term stable operation, support 7x24-hour uninterrupted work.

High Refresh Rate

HD camcorder shooting pictures without stripes.

The screen is stable no ripple no black screen, so that the video screen smooth and delicate, dynamic display screen image edge clear. Has a good dynamic expression, the image information accurately restored, bringing the greatest visual enjoyment.

LED display response time is extremely short, the playback screen without delay, brilliant colors, and can achieve long-range wireless control, in the control screen and dynamic video, has a great advantage.

High Resolution

High pixel density display unit with micro pixel pitch can be infinite stitching, can support 2K, 4K resolution display.

Low Light and High Gray,with Good Consistency

Brightness reduced to 20% can still show a perfect gray-scale performance, display consistency is very good.

Low brightness display near-perfect gray scale, the display screen and vividness than the traditional display screen.

High-intensity structure of fine-tuning technology to achieve the entire screen seamless stitching.

By fine-tuning, eliminate bright lines.

Point-by-point calibration technology, the entire screen brightness, color uniformity and uniformity.

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