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Over 1800sqm LED delivered by Lightlink Display at PUBG Asia Invitational

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As the provider of LED display products, #Lightlink continued to cheer up for the international professional electric competitions, and supported screens more than 1800sqm for creating an immersive visual experience for competitors and attendees at PUBG Asia Invitational. Held in Macao for the first time, the "PUBG Asia Invitational" for the entire Asian e-sports. It is a glory moment to show the level of Asian e-sports professional competitors to enjoy global e-sports enthusiasts, taking place from January 10-12, 2019.

Super huge cube design

The stage was like a three-dimensional space, which consists of several huge LED screens. Their unique outlook and stunning layout design for competitors and attendees on site was really eye-catching. At the beginning of the competition, a super huge “cube box”  comprised of carbon fiber led screens that formed a square on the top of the stage in the center of the hall slowly opened, broadcasting the competition for a live audience. 

On the stage, LED displayed each player’s status in real time. The other backdrop LED screens, adding even more dramatic impact and serving as the big screen for the live broadcasting game. LED screen designated with the hanging structure “super huge cube design” with right angle splicing, and large screens from all-around viewing angle are suspended above the stage to meet the viewing requirements on a different position. Many people commented that this is the most exciting part of the launch event.

Applied in the events, from Lightlink carbon fiber series panels, it features customized 45°bevel edge design for 90° right-angled splicing, and its PCB anti-collision protection improves LED soldering strength to enhance the stability of the LED  and make LEDs damaged without affecting subsequent maintenance. All-Round Waterproof(Front & Rear) resist severe environment for stable and Smoothly image.

Super lightweight & large visual presentation image

Not only the area is large, but the high definition is also crucial. Meanwhile, the display effect and stable image was worth mentioning. you need to consider the weight, safety, and ease of installation & transportation of the product. Lightlink carbon fiber series applied in any rental project case to handle your worrying. Lightweight body with carbon fiber material is lighter than the traditional cabinet, which can effectively lower the cost in transportation installation.

 In addition, it equipped with a new type of quick lock connection, which is easy to operate for a single person. 4PCS Tool-free Screws to replace the whole control box. This year, Lightlink Carbon series panels were also used at PUBG, to create a cube design center stage screen. Held in China used 350-square meters of Carbon series, configured into a large square with 4 large LED displays at the top of the event’s center stage.

E-sports Experience of Lightlink  

After the official partner of the Olympic Council of Asia, Lightlink held successfully several large-scale e-sport matches such as PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Global Finals as well as 2018 Asian games E-sport matches. Lightlink has rich experience in displaying any types of e-sport live-venue and features some of the best gamers in the world. 
Lightlink products are regarded as an exchanging platform to showcase the depth and breadth of gaming opportunities in a thriving e-sports industry that continues to draw a record crowd. 

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