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Shocking 3D effect on BYD Dream launch event by #Lightlink rental led display

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This launch event of BYD Dream can be a really big feast with its unrivalled 3D stage which built by #Lightlink multiple functional rental led display(LR-Plus series).Almost 2000sqm LR-Plus led screen covered on site which is embedded in the floor, or stacked as the background, or suspended on the top for special effect.

The whole press conference is full with LED element including BYD Dream car (all the light applied led light), also the full led screen stage by #Lightlink which totally showed its intelligent design, high-tech feeling, and new future trend stream. Co-using with the technical video source special for this great activities, BYD presented a much shocking 3D effect to all the visitors.And they looked complement with each other indeed.

#Lightlink always commits to develop the great led screen for excellent and cost-efficient exhibition such as this LR-Plus which can show both for indoor/outdoor/floor. Different theme with the same led screen by #Lightlink can show you a totally different effect, also can flexibly design/ splice as you wish basic on the distribution on site. Each breakthrough application in practise is the best proof to witness Lightlink’s product strength and unique features.


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