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#Lightlink 300㎡ 3.9mm led screen on Belarus Independent Day meeting

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On the July 3th, in the capital of Minsk, held an solemn meeting at Palace of Republic, for their Independent Day celebration and important speech of preserving independence. Lightlink as the led screen supplier on this stage , greatly created a joyous and solemn atmosphere for this grand meeting with almost 300 led screen(LR-Pro series).

Based on the original stage style and layout, Lightlink flexibly divided these 300㎡ 3.9mm led screens into 12pcs to cover the full stage and build the vivid 3D visual effect through their different space distributions.

Features of Lightlink LR-Pro series:

1. New designed anti-collision plate, difficulty in falling lamp;

2. New designed die-casting aluminum back cover for better waterproof and heat disspation;

3. Upgraded quick lock with better damping & faster installation;

4. Ergonomical-designed handle for easy operation;

5. Modules equippped with safe buckle backup design;

6. New type hanging bar both for hanging & ground beam;

Until now Lightlink LR-Pro series have been applied to thousands of events and made it much mature to adapt the increasing market needs. Also we are always searching for further breakthrough to enhance its performance and utility for the future visual.Now we have perfectly upgraded it into another version LR-PRO , which can be spliced and adjusted more accurate and with higher security by newest double fast lock for arc led display.


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